Were(Are) Left-Handed?

“Are you left-handed?” asks the intake form for a potential new psychiatrist.
left-handed psychology
1. Yes.

2. This question is hilarious.

3. PLEASE TELL ME THINGS ABOUT SCIENCE AND LEFT-HANDEDNESS. Excuse the caps – I’m genuinely interested.

4. I enjoy my left-handed/ambidextrous qualities. I’ll take your drugs, but changing my handedness is non-negotiable, pal!

I understand the idea behind the questions, but they are phrased strangely, yes?

Sidenote: I am genuinely disappointed in the human race for the forced conversion from left to right-handedness. Sure, using scissors and writing in binders is easier for those right-handers; sure, I’m still not sure if I bowl left-handed or right; sure, I don’t have a tennis backhand, instead simply switch the racket between hands…BUT who can fluently mirror-write like Leonardo DaVinci…this kid. I blame nuns for the whole thing.

Thank you, goodnight, WordPress. Night two without sleep AIDS – I may or may not be getting squirrelly. Thank you for indulging in my nonsense.

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16 thoughts on “Were(Are) Left-Handed?

  1. Hi that is interesting! My nan was a left hander as well, apparently at school they used to tell them off when they wrote with their left hand, so they had to learn to write with their right hand instead. I was quite shocked when I heard that at first!

  2. I’m right handed. But was chatting with my aunty tonight. She was forced in school to use her right hand instead of her natural left. She is ambidextrous and her party tricks are saying the alphabet backwards fast and mirror writing.
    Interested … do you have difficulty in quickly determining left and right. She does and thinks it is related to being ambidextrous.

  3. I was a leftie, converted at a young age by my parents “because it’s easier to live in a right-handed world.” I get my right and left mixed up when given or giving directions. I mini-golf left handed and do a lot of my ASL signs left-dominant.

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