Seeking a Healthy Recipe Using Cocoa Powder

I don’t smoke.

I rarely drink – I’ve had the same five beers in my fridge for about a month.

I eat.

I eat my feelings – the kind of eating where you shovel things into your mouth, then stop and think “oh geez, I just ate ten cookies.”

A few weeks ago I ordered what I thought were cacao beans from Amazon, planning to eat a bean every time I had a chocolate craving and that the bitterness of the bean would eventually kill my chocolate needs. Pretty solid plan, yes?

Well, I accidentally ordered cocoa powder…so now I have 2 lbs of cocoa powder sitting in my kitchen without a purpose.

Does anyone have an easy, sugarless recipe using cocoa powder, preferably something I can use as a candy substitute?

Much obliged!

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10 thoughts on “Seeking a Healthy Recipe Using Cocoa Powder

  1. Sipping chocolate – unsweetened cocoa, add some spices (cinnamon, chile, nutmeg, clove, lavender, orange (oil not juice), you name it – it can be delicious!) add a couple heaping tablespoonfuls to some hot milk (much better than water).

  2. As a recovering hoarder, I tend to either buy stuff or stuff my face! And decided it’s healthier to buy stuff for now. I make a dairy free, sugar free, gluten free, soy free choco latte with raw cacao powder and am experimenting with what I call my “HoarderRehab” diet to see if helps end my hoarding ways. Let me know, if you are interested in the recipe for the choco latte and I will email it to you!

  3. I don’t have any healthy chocolate recipes but you could try using alternatives for things – like honey for sugar. I did just find a good website, though I haven’t tried anything from it yet, but let me know if you want the details! :-)

  4. mix with coconut oil, vanilla and stevia/liquid splenda, and put in fridge/freezer makes it a solid bar.

    Or just the coconut oil i guess if you wanted the bitterness.

    Tastes good with natural (smuckers) peanut butter

  5. Cocoa date coconut balls. I just made these yesterday and they are awesome. One cup cocoa powder, two cups pitted dates mashed up in the food processor, one and a half cup coconut shavings. Mix together and form some balls, put them in the fridge or freezer. You might need to add some natural juice or water depending on how dry the dates are to get the consistency right. No refined sugar, but still sweet because of the dates.

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